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About DataBlox

DEEP Data Extraction from QuickBooks Files

Welcome to the DataBlox web site. We develop tools for accounting and database design, programming, data extraction, and data conversion. We have been in business since 1997 - specializing in QuickBooks data extraction. Our tools are very mature and used by several nationally known accounting companies.

Our mainstream product is OfficeQ - which extracts complete accounting data from QuickBooks files for use with Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Access as well as other programming environments. Click here: OfficeQ Product for additional product information.

DataBlox is located in Washington state. We are wholly owned by ex Microsoft employees and collectively have 24 years of Windows development experience. Our products are developed using Borland Delphi, Microsoft C++, and Microsoft Office (2000 through 2013).

Because we sell our products to OEMs, developers, and sophisticated end users, our products are robustly engineered for commercial deployment - including state-of-the-art error handling and high reliability under adverse conditions. Our QuickBooks data extraction products have been used by major developers for over 16 years and have been used to extract data from hundreds of thousands of QuickBooks files.

In addition, we do some consulting work - mostly involving QuickBooks data export and import. Outside of Intuit Corporation, we are more knowledgeable of the internal accounting algorithms and intricacies of data storage for QuickBooks than any other source.

Now available is a free evaluation version of OfficeQ.  If has full functionality and no time limits - but only works with QuickBooks sample files.  Also included are our Query Editor and Microsoft Excel application to run queries and fill worksheets.  Goto:  http://trans.datablox.com

OfficeQ Overview

The first and only product available that can extract ALL accounting data from QuickBooks files - including all transactions, inventory, and payroll information.

The core functionality is implemented as a single ActiveX Automation EXE that can be quickly added to the Microsoft Office environment - or used with virtually any other programming tool. OfficeQ also includes a Microsoft Excel program (with source code) that will completely clone any QuickBooks file into a database and a Microsoft Access program (with source code). Both provide unique useful reports not available within QuickBooks and can be customized for virtually any report imaginable.

Designed as a general purpose open tool kit, OfficeQ makes a trivial task out of extracting QuickBooks data and processing it with Microsoft Excel, Access, Word, Visual Basic, or other programs that can interface with ActiveX automation.

Developers can also create new applications that can be used in conjunction with QuickBooks. End users can create reports using any data stored in their QuickBooks files.

OfficeQ includes support for both single user and multiuser files. U.S. and Canadian versions 2005 thru 2015 are supported - as well as all flavors (Pro, Premier, Enterprise, etc.) of QuickBooks. (Earlier versions are also supported with earlier versions of OfficeQ).

OfficeQ is also much simpler to understand than other tools for extracting data from QuickBooks. We treat the data extracted from QuickBooks as if were a standard database.

We recently rewrote our sample applications that use OfficeQ to orient them more toward the needs of accountants. Our earlier programs mainly used Microsoft Access for making the data available. Microsoft Excel (standalone) is now preferred. Both environments continue to be supported.

We also now include over a hundred database queries - each of which can be used to produce a QuickBooks data report, either as an Excel spreadsheet or an Access report.

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