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OfficeQ Typical Useage Scenarios

This page contains several ways OfficeQ can be used.  Many of the ideas here can from our customers and others have yet to be implemented.

...more intro on useage scenarios...


The following concepts are used in this page to... 

The headings

End User - Local - Microsoft Excel

The actual user of the QuickBooks file runs OfficeQ

End User - Local - Microsoft Access


Accountant - Local

The accountant ...

Accountant - Remote

The accountant is doing the work.  Has his customer download OfficeQ core only, then run it, send resulting file to the accountant - who then analyzes...

Accounting Software Vendor - Local

When the accounting software is installed, OfficeQ is installed along with it.  There is an option in the menus of the accounting program to import QuickBooks data into the new accounting system.  (presumes user was previously using QuickBooks)