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Technical Support
Significant Changes to OfficeQ - Recent Revisions

from version to

Fixed field sFlags in TranDoc.  The following were sometimes incorrect:

T - (many) - tax is included (non U.S. only)
F - (CustChrg, CistInvc, VendBill) - paid in full

Fixed minor bug with inventory assemblies

Improved minor cosmetics - main form, message dialogs

Improved UDP error reporting (internal)

from version to (released 11/19/2012)

Added support for all flavors of QuickBooks 2013
    (Pro, Premier, Accountant, Enterprise - U.S. and Canadian)

Improved logic for dialogs displayed while data extraction occurs

Added field nReportSort to all nested record types (Account, Class, CustJob, JobType, InvtItem, VendType) to aid 'outline' formatting in reports.

Code added for future eval version for sample .QBW files

from version to (released 5/16/2012)

Added additional logging features to .ReadFile call

Added internal UDP error cross server logging

More memory management tweaks

from version to (released 1/30/2012)

Extensive memory management tweaks for very large file support

Enhanced linked transaction code

Revision of .QQT file format and saving options

from version to (released 12/20/2011)

Enhancements to handle Windows 32 large address space (can now manage up to 3GB with Windows XP or 4GB with Windows 7 - if OS supported)

Other memory management enhancements

from version to (released 11/17/2011)

Added support for all flavors of QuickBooks 2012
    (Pro, Premier, Accountant, Enterprise - U.S. and Canadian)

from version to (released 3/25/2011)

... add whatever else was changed ...

from version to (released 11/23/2010)

Data additions to record type TranDoc

addition to field sFlags - added the following flags (for transaction types) - meaning
F (CustChrg, CustInvc, VendBill) - all payments paid in full
H (Journal) - dollar amounts were entered in the home currency
J (Journal) - journal entry is an adjustment (orig info retained)
P (many tran types) - document is waiting to be printed
T (many tran types) - tax is included (non U.S. only)
U (Journal) - journal entry is a home currency adjustment
V (Estimate) - estimate is active
W (many tran types) - transaction pending (has not occurred yet)
Z (CustInvc) - invoice contains one or more finance charge items

Data additions to record type TranLine

new field: mSumIncome - currency total of all income type account postings (bDocMain only)

new field: mSumExpense - currency total of all income type account postings (bDocMain only)

new field: mStillOwing - amount of mBalanceDue that's still unpaid

new field: dPaidInFull - if document fully paid, date of last transaction that paid it off

new field: sBillableStatus - status of line if item is billable back to a customer

new field: dService - date entered as to when service was performed (not otherwise significant)

Added message box when .QQT file is being saved

Augmented code for some boolean fields where QuickBooks 2011 changed output format

from version to (released 10/27/2010)

Added support for all QuickBooks 2011 flavors

from version to (released 5/23/2010)

Changes to .SetOptions API call:

Fixed appname argument to SetOptions so character case is retained. Previously, it was being converted to lower case.

Added the following arguments to SetOptions with ...
filemode=singleuser, multiuser, or donotcare
conntype=unknown, localqbd, remoteqbd, localqbdlaunchui, or remoteqboe
unattendedmode=required, optional
persdatamode=required, optional, or notneeded

Changed internal calls to QBXML so data access is always requested as read only.

Changes to .ReadFile API call:

Added argument qqtfile= to specify specific path and name of .QQT file to create if different than default

Added symbol QB_RS_SalesRep to OfficeQ6's COM API - which had been inadvertently omitted.

Added field sEntityType to record type SalesRep. It contains one of: Employee, Vendor, or OtherName - depending on the type of entity that sales rep represents.

Added flag X to field sFlags of record type TranDoc. Used to indicate that the set sum of the mAmount fields of all TranLines comprising that TranDoc are out of balance. (Note that only mAmount fields are summed where that TranLine also has a non null kAcct field). This condition is extremely rare, but adding the flag helps isolate where and why it occurs (typically file corruption).

from version to (released 3/11/2010)

Added F flag to record type TranDoc field sFlags. Used by transaction types CustChrg, CustInvc, VendBill to indicate that the document has been paid in full.

Enhanced .QQT file export to include new record types.

from version to (released 12/20/2009)

Added support for all U. S. QuickBooks 2010 versions

Added support for all Canadian QuickBooks 2009 and 2010 versions

Added support for multiple currencies. This was a major addition, including significant code so home currency amounts will appear identical to single currency files.

Added support for units of measure.

Added support for billing rates.

Added major feature to export data from a computer running QuickBooks to a .QQT file. The file can then be moved to a different computer, such as a network server, for processing. This allows many processing options that were not previously available and provides easy access to private data - such as payroll records.

-------------------- new between versions and (released 1/19/2009)

Fixed bug where kItem (and other related fields) in TranLine were intermittently not extracting when there were over 300 transactions of a particular type.

-------------------- new between versions and (released 12/3/2008)

Fixed difficult bug where grouped inventory item kItem (and other related fields) were not extracting correctly for the group item as well as items in the group.

-------------------- new between versions 18.x.0.0 and (released 11/25/2008)

Added support for all U. S. QuickBooks 2009 versions

Added support for all Canadian QuickBooks 2008 versions

Improved extraction of transaction details for better memory management

Added support for TranLinks in Check transactions

Fixed bug where message 'Finalizing Transactions' sometimes left after extraction

-------------------- new between versions and (released 4/22/2008)

Fixed field kPayItem in TimeLine table so it will now export

-------------------- new between versions and (released 1/12/2008)

Added support for all U. S. QuickBooks 2008 versions

Added digital code signing

Optimized internal queries for better performance

Added / fixed fields in sales orders, purchase orders

Fixed minor bugs related to payroll data retrieval

-------------------- new between versions and (released 8/28/2007)

Additional minor code cleanup for Microsoft Vista compatability. Application no longer runs when /regserver arg is used to register type library.

Minor bug in check type transactions

-------------------- new between versions and (released 7/6/2007)

Several minor bugs in transaction line fields

-------------------- new between versions and (released 4/15/2007)

Corrected data allocation bugs revealed with Vista that were causing memory allocation errors

Added fields to customer invoices and vendor bills associated with balances due

Added fields to purchase orders and sales orders associated with part counts and closed status

Fixed memory allocation errors associated with getting budget amounts from reports

-------------------- new with version (released 12/19/2006)

Added support for all 2007 QuickBooks products.

Several small field bug data fixes (will be listed later...)

Some small field name fixes (mostly address related, will be listed later...)

-------------------- new with version (released 9/21/2006)

Fixed InvtItem (inventory item type OtherCharge only) fields that were not returning the proper accounts.

Added the following options to the Diag function to help assess state of QuickBooks before opening a file:

qbw32_query - count of QuickBooks processes running

qbw32_stop - if one or more QuickBooks processes are running, stops a single QuickBooks process and returns the number of QuickBooks processes running afterwards. If no QuickBooks processes are running, returns -1.

-------------------- new with version (released 7/21/2006)

Payroll information has been added.

Specifically, additional fields have been added for transaction types Paycheck (Paycheck), LiabPymt (PayrollLiabilityCheck), LiaAdjst (LiabilityAdjustment), and YtdAdjst (YTDAdjustment). Fields have been added for payroll items, "unit prices" for payroll items, wage bases, classes, etc.

Field kEntity2 has been added to all TranLine, except the main (bDocMain, nLine=0) TranLine. This is for compatability with earlier versions of OfficeQ. It represents the main entity (Customer, Vendor, Employee, or OtherName) for the transaction. In many cases, it is redundant (same as field kEntity), however this decreases the number of changes needed for code calling the API.

There is also some performance improvement (about 30% decrease in ReadFile time) and a few non-payroll fields fixed.