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Database Tables Containing QuickBooks Data

Each .MDB file that contains queryable QuickBooks data  ...

There are 30 database tables that contain the actual QuickBooks data. They are broken down as follows - separated into 5 groups. The first character of each table name designates it's group.

The fields in each table generally correspond to the field data entry order in the QuickBooks form. The easiest way to get a feel for these is to have a 'junk' QuickBooks file that you can experiment with - and toggle between editing it and exporting the data into either the viewer or Access and viewing it. Start with the tables marked as 'simple' below.

Tables cCustJob, vVendor, pEmployee, and xOtherName are very similar. It's easiest to learn them in reverse order - start with xOtherName. Don't spend a lot of time on payroll or transactions until you have a good feel for the other tables - these are the most difficult.

Table aTranLine is difficult to understand - but it is particularly important. All of the transactions that can be created using the Activities in QuickBooks store their line data in this single table. ScottT note: all table are listed. Add common CSS for the table props so they can be changed together (such as width, padding, spacing, etc.)

Account & Transaction related (7)

These tables contain ... Note that all the table names in this section start with an 'a'.

aAccount General ledger accounts
aBudget Budgets
aClass Classes (simple)
aCurrency Foreign currencies.
aTranDoc Transaction documents.
aTranLine Transaction lines (within transaction documents)
aTranLink Transaction links between different transaction documents

Customers (6)

... info about ...

cCustJob Customers and jobs
cCustMessage Messages to send to customers
cCustType Customer Types (simple)
cJobType Job Types (simple)
cSalesTax Sales taxes
cTerms Terms (simple)

Payroll and Employees (4)

... info about ...

pEmployee Employees
pPayrollItem Payroll Items
pSalesRep Sales Representatives
pTimeLine Time line records for payroll and A/R

Vendors and Inventory (6)

... info about ...

vBillRate Billing rates to override standard service item rates.
vInvtItem Inventory items, services, etc.
vPriceLevel Price levels for inventory items (new in QB2001)
vUnitOfMeas Units of measure used with inventory items (rarely used)
vVendor Vendors.  Companies or individuals the company owes money to for purchases or products or services.
vVendType Vendor Types (simple)

Other (7)

Other miscellaneous table containing QuickBooks data that doesn't fit into the categories above.

xCompany The company itself. This table only contains a single record.
xEntity ...addsect... Combination of all CustJob, Vendor, Employee, and OtherName key fields. Useful for query lookups. (simple)
xOtherName Other names.  Companies or individuals similar to customers or vendors - but without receivables or payables processing.
xPayMeth Payment methods (simple)
xSettings Preferences settings that affect processing (simple)
xShipVia Shipping methods (simple).  Names of carriers used to send products to customers.
xToDoNote To Do Notes (simple)

Other (application overhead - not QuickBooks data)

Note that the following tables are in the .MDB file - but are not attached to external tables.

zAttachableMdbs Table of attachable .MDB files
zQuery 'Manual' Queries
zVarRW Read / write variables for this program

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