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OfficeQ Sample Application - Microsoft Excel (file: QXCL_CODEC.XLS)
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This sample application can extract all the accounting data from a QuickBooks file and insert it into an MDB database file. Queries can then be run against the data that output information into Excel spreadsheets. Many examples are provided and you can easily add your own.


The main purpose of this application is to provide a working application to extract data from QuickBooks, save that data, run queries on that saved data, and create spreadsheets using the resulting query data.

It also provides a good working application base using Excel that could be modified for many other uses. Many of the issues that would be common to other applications are solved in this application - with full source code provided.

Software Prerequisites

This application requires the following to run:

Major Functionality Provided

This application provides user interface components and Excel VBA source code to do the following:


A Windows 'install' file is provided ...freedownload vs licensed / part of most officeq downloads...

Copyright / Modifications / Redistribution Allowed

This application can be copied or modified as desired. The full programming source code is provided. That programming code is open source and can be used for any purpose.