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OfficeQ Excel QXCL_CODEC.XLS Application - Miscellaneous Issues
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Creating Unique Applications

below here was copied from similar Access page

QXCL_CODEC.MDB and it's 2 accompanying files (QACC_SHELLC.MDB and QACC_DATAC.MDB) are designed so they can be easily changed.

QXCL_CODEC.MDB can then be copied, renamed, and modified as desired without affecting the original. (but don't change the name of files QACC_SHELLC.MDB or QACC_DATAC.MDB unless you edit the source code in QXCL_CODEC.MDB).

This also allows us to update QXCL_CODEC.MDB in the future without affecting work you have done.

Everything QXCL_CODEC.MDB needs is integral to it (except QACC_SHELLC.MDB and QACC_DATAC.MDB). There are no registry entries, ini files, or anything else invisible that it depends on.