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OfficeQ6  New Release V - 6/25/2013  (with QuickBooks 2013 support)

This page contains information on the latest version of the OfficeQ6 product.  This major update release supports QB2013 - all flavors - as well as all flavors of QuickBooks 2005 - 2012.  It has been vigorously tested and currently contains no known bugs.  We will update this page immediately if any major bugs are found.

This release is intended for wide distribution.  It is very stable and has been widely tested.

The difference between this and release is that some bugs were fixed that prevented all fields from being extracted from Journal transactions.  This release can be used as a direct replacement from any version of OfficeQ from through with no changes to the calling program needed.

Note that only later (R4 and later) versions of QuickBooks 2013 are supported / recommended by Intuit for Windows 8).

Download it from the following URL:

Alternate ZIP file with same files:

Note that if you use the ZIP file, you will need to register the Automation Server yourself.  This is automatically done with the EXE.

The file sets above contain the following files:

officeq6.exe  - viewer, OLE automation interface, and code to extract 2005-2013 data
officeq6.ini  - ini file - holds list of files and a few settings
officeq6.txt  - small readme file - has tips displayed when file is run
officeq6.idl  - ActiveX automation ASCII declarations file
officeq6.tlb  - ActiveX automation binary declarations file
ofcqpro.rtf   - license agreement

There is no help file included.  Our earlier help information has been transferred and is being undated on the web.  We have a new 'site index' of technical help - available at:

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